I wanted it to be a header someone could just stare at for a few seconds without getting bored, just taking it in and appreciating it at the high level and the detailed level.

When I published the first version of this website  (www.chasingexperience.com ), it had a small little textual header on top. While sticking with it for 2-3 months, there was this dissatisfaction gnawing away inside me. The header wasn’t distinctive enough. It didn’t have any personality, and did not reflect my attention to detail.

I thought long and hard about an idea and then struck upon something. The very mechanics by which the website was put together took lots of effort and coding. So my theme would be the amount of effort it takes to make and maintain such a website. This is signified by the two cyclists powering the complicated machinery that ultimately lights the ‘chasing experience’ sign in the middle.

Firstly, the Image has symmetry – I always think that imperfect bilateral symmetry is much more powerful than perfect bilateral symmetry. So the machinery would not be mirrored on both sides, but they would be identical.

Secondly, there was a question of proportion. How big to make the centerpiece? bigger or smaller than the surrounding machinery? I tried some  iterations based on the overall graphic shape. Initially, it was looking like a trapezium, and the final version looks more rectangular.

Thirdly, the colors. Color combinations is an area where I can improve in, so I scoured the web trying to find good color combinations. I was also doing a project on infographics at that time so collecting infographics came in handy.

The final, and most difficult part of the design was deciding on the font combinations and text placement for the centerpiece. Putting straight text in a circular container is always a difficult task and it took almost 3 weeks of refinements before I hit upon the final version. It uses the font ‘Din’ and a few variations of it. Then I added some extra detailing to the centerpiece for the final effect.